About The Enclave

How long has it been since you’ve felt comfortable enough to ask for a cup of sugar?

There was a time when people used to talk to their neighbours; they’d eat together, grow together, help each other, and trust one another. Children could play freely, explore, and live without fear because there was always someone looking out for them. If you were away you could rely on someone to collect your mail or watch the dog. It was a simple system, but it was a beautiful one. Neighbourhoods once had harmony; people respected each other and friendships bloomed because of it. The Enclave is bringing back that harmony to Sharon Village. It’s the crowning jewel of an up-and-coming area and is situated at its highest point. Thornridge and Wycliffe Homes are striving to achieve a higher state of living by looking to the past for inspiration. It’s time to focus on community and family again, and this is the perfect setting to do it.